Competence and innovation: a successful story that began over 50 years ago

Over 50 years of experience in the domestic and international transport sector.
A long road pursued successfully that has made us a leading partner worldwide.

The beginnings of today's company date back to the end of the war, when the Daniele brothers, Battista, Natale and Giuseppe, entered the transport business with a sole proprietorship. Settentrionale Trasporti was founded in 1978. In the 1990s the change of generations brought new impetus for innovative ideas and created new areas of activity.
1950 - Transport of raw materials
1960 - Transport for the construction industry
1970 - Trasporti di prodotti industriali
1980 - Trasporti verso l’estero
1990 - Trasporti di rifiuti, merci pericolose ed eccezionali
From 2000 - Trasporti intermodali e recupero di rifiuti

The history of the company runs reflects the development of Italy after the end of the Second World War and is based on values such as stability and innovation that have been a common theme over 3 generations.

Corporate Philosophy

Our company, Settentrionale Trasporti, has been the specialist in environmentally-friendly transport for around 20 years. Reliability and innovation are the cornerstones of our approach to quality and service, which is reflected in the reliable execution of orders, strict compliance with standards and safety regulations, and a strong awareness of our responsibility towards man and the environment. From the very beginning, the company sought technical and organisational ways of opening up new markets. Our success is based on strategic decisions and a series of essential prerequisites:
- careful selection and intensive training and education of our employees
- continuing investment in new vehicles, technologies and equipment
- detailed knowledge of legal regulations and standards
- auditing and certification by independent auditing bodies
- regular safety training

We have an eye to the future and see new challenges as an incentive to continuously improve, in the knowledge that commitment, technical know-how and quality have always been the foundation of our success.