Professional disposal of railway sleepers

We transport discarded railway sleepers to specialist incinerators throughout Europe - by road as well as by rail.

Since 2009, at its intermodal logistics terminal in Castelfranco Veneto (TV), Settentrionale Trasporti has taken care of the professional transport and disposal of railway sleepers (hazardous waste) that are carried by train or truck to specialist incinerators. Our company is one of the most important partners in this field all over Italy.

We work hand in hand with renowned companies specialising in the thermal treatment of railway sleepers throughout Europe. These partnerships, the compliance with strict requirements and large investments in suitable technologies and plants have made it possible for us to store a total volume of 3,000 tonnes of railway sleepers at our site in Castelfranco..

140,000 t

railway sleepers professionally
disposed of since 2009

Sections of track and wooden railway sleepers that have been removed from the track and cannot be used in any other way must always be treated as hazardous waste. Until just a few years ago these generally wooden railway sleepers were treated with a special substance that was intended to protect the wood from pests and weather conditions. The chemicals contained iriside - especially creosote, which has been banned since 2001 - are highly harmful to man and the environment.

By bringing together the modern terminal in Castelfranco for combined road-rail traffic and its many years of experience in the transport and recycling of used tyres, Settentrionale Trasporti has created new and challanging synergies.