Used tyre recycling: from waste to resource.

For over 20 years now we have recycled more than 800,000 tonnes of used tyres - around 20% of the total quantity produced in Italy.

Since 1995 Settentrionale Trasporti has collected, shredded and recycled used tyres and transformed the waste rubber into what is known as tyre-derived fuel or TDF, which is used as a supplement to fossil fuels in industry, and especially cement works. Scrap iron can be recovered by breaking down and separating the rubber-metal composites.

8.000 t

is the quantity of used tyres that
we are permitted to store by law.
The stages of recycling used tyres:
  1. Collection and transport
  2. Storage of the tyres (whole and shredded) to ensure the continuity of supply of the fuel
  3. Processing
    • Sorting: Tyres that are not suitable for shredding, and foreign bodies that could compromise the quality of the fuel, are separated out
    • Shredding: The tyres are shredded into approx. 10 mm-long pieces, which can be used as a fuel with excellent heating characteristics and high calorific value
    • Screening: To achieve a certain grain size, the pieces of tyre are now screened and the oversize material is returned for further shredding
    • Breaking down of the rubber-metal composite: Following shredding, the pieces still need to be separated from the metal components contained within the tyres. A granulator initiates pulverisation and uncovers the metal fibres
  4. Transport and delivery of the fuel to the end user
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Settentrionale Trasporti is a member of the Italian consortium Ecopneus, and since 2011 has been the exclusive partner for the collection of used tyres in the regions of Trentino-South Tyrol and Friuli-Venezia Giulia, and their recycling at the company's own plant in Possagno. The Veneto strict quality and safety requirements prescribed by the consortium for the disposal and processing of used tyres correspond to the principles of Settentrionale's corporate policy and accordingly are followed painstakingly.
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Further applications and areas of use for used tyres can be found on the website of our subsidiary GRANECO RUBBER Srl: